FRESH: ‘Spiritual level’ – amanda marie wilkinson

Amanda Marie Wilkinson Drops Debut Track

Houston native, Amanda Marie Wilkinson shines like a radiant beam on her debut release ‘Spiritual Level.’.

It is a track which catapults out of the pop realm with vigorous quality. Furthermore, I would be inclined to put this record into a post-genre category. Moreover, it comes with a robust foundation with electronic music taking the direction, but Amanda’s songwriting approach also has a contemporary flavour which is challenging to resist.

‘Spiritual Level’ kicks off with a ’90s influenced bass synth melody which rises ahead of a piercing vocal performance from Amanda. Her vocal is super bright with a laser style tone which will knock your socks off. Also, her lyrical message is honest; it is what I enjoy most about this track. Furthermore, Amanda needs love. She needs it like a medicine, and she gets her story across well leaving no room for any ambiguity.

The track hits the melting point in omnipotent essence. Furthermore, Amanda’s dance influence leaps forward with conviction, and the beat influences us to sway along to its bold rhythm. I can only imagine how colossal this would sound live, maybe one day, post-pandemic we will be able to witness it? Let’s hope so.

Overall, ‘Spiritual Level’ is a strong debut. As a result, it will be interesting to hear what else the singer has up her sleeve. However, if this track is anything to go by, then Amanda’s future is looking very bright. Also, there is no reason to doubt that she cannot go on to claim the top spots with her contagious quality.

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