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FRESH: ‘Want You Always’ – Four Nights

Four Nights debuts with “Want You Always”

Irish singer and songwriter Tommy Buckley has begun his musical journey in 2020 under the name of Four Nights and releases his debut singles, “Want You Always” and “Nothing To Say”, today and the first to come from his first EP of songs, due for release in 2021. “Want You Always” has a 80’s vibe to it and is an invitation to experience Tommy’s superb vocals as well as the catchy indie-pop soundtrack that he himself has written and produced.

“I chose to debut with two songs to give a potential audience a broader idea of what’s to come” Tommy tells us. “‘Want You Always is a high energy track inspired by 80’s radio pop. Nothing to Say is a downbeat acapella number inspired by the heavily vocoded tracks of Bon Iver and Imogen Heap. Releasing one before the other might have given the wrong idea about my music. Both songs deal with relationships at various junctures; the intense honeymoon phase and love growing cold”.

In February 2020 Dublin based Tommy set off to travel South East Asia for a year, but was forced to come home only after a month due to COVID-19. Suddenly with a lot of spare time in lockdown, he threw himself completely into music, writing more than 30 songs in a focused two month period! Now with two to kick start his career with, Tommy plans to release more in the coming months in the lead up to his debut EP, which is as yet untitled. We will certainly be following Four Nights and look forward to his EP and what else Tommy has to offer.

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