FRESH: ‘I’m Just Being Honest’ – Fleurr

Fleurr says “I’m Just Being Honest”

UK singer Fleurr has just released her brand new song, “I’m Just Being Honest”, her fifth of 2020 and the follow up to “You Don’t Know”. The song is a sometimes haunting, brooding ‘epic’ with deep synths and a light ‘heart’ beat set against Fleurr’s rugged and emotive vocal as she tells her truthful tale. The song marks a radical departure from her usual style, which has embraced folk-pop and piano ballads.

“I’m Just Being Honest” was recorded at home during the pandemic only a week before loockdown in the UK. The producer from the melody is Jason Aro from KloudNineMusic and she collaborated with a mixing engineer called Giancarlo Roberti who is from Italy. The track was made over a number of days from start to finish. The single was inspired by the feeling of being vulnerable in a new connection with someone. The sounds were just sounds that Fleurr liked and thought would fit the song.

“I’m Just Being Honest” is about being vulnerable and being honest with not only yourself but with the other person in telling someone you like them. At the end of the track it asks the other person, ‘Would you like to get to know me too? would you?’ its asking that other person to be vulnerable too. It’s something Fleurr feels is scary to be transparent and just say exactly how your feeling.

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