REVIEW: ‘Stamp The Card’ – CiteMe

CiteMe – “Stamp The Card”

CiteMe is the musical project of LA based artist Natalie Gould. Formed last year, Natalie began releasing material in early 2020 and now launches her debut album, “Stamp The Card”. The album features the previously released tracks “Coup D’etat” and “Criminal Aftermath”, a remix of which opens this album. The track is a mix of brutal synths and dark, often spoke lyrics and serves as a apt introduction to the world of CiteMe. This is how it goes from hereon in. The style of “WTF” (which stands for “Worth The Fire”) is slightly lighter in the chorus but lyrically, is very clear in its message.

CiteMe says of her approach: “I am inspired by a powerful movement. Addressing issues that personally affect me, and many others, the intention is to bring various topics to the forefront of conversations that are usually frowned upon. I want to take my listeners on a journey through each release to paint a full picture of what it means to be inside the mind of someone grappling with societal expectations and reality”.

“Establishing Fear” is no less gentile while the previously mentioned “Coup D’etat” almost borders on rap with acid-tongue lyrics and robotic vocals. Get ready for the coup d’etat from CiteMe! There’s a beauty with the next track, “Never Me”, which features some frankly honest lyrics such as “I was never me when I was with you”, placing oneself outside the boundaries of comfort and normality. You would expect a song with a title like “Chaos” to be just that, but this is quite a down-tempo number compared to the previous tracks experienced. Being in limbo, feeling chaos is all around you is the subject here. This theme continues with “Intolerance”, as one has ‘built’ up an intolerance to society as is has become.

More sublime rhythms next with “To Be Loved”, a cry to be loved, nothing more and nothing less. The chorus is addictive while the echoing vocals add to the drama of this track. “Under” has an early 80’s Depeche Mode feel to it, musically, while at the same time, a remix would place this song on the early 90’s dancefloor. Higher pitched vocals resonate throughout this gorgeous number before we slide into the fibnal track, “Figured It Out”, and the album draws conclusion from its whole purpose.

A torrid and often deeply emotional collection, CiteMe’s debut is nothing like you’ve heard before. It’s beauty comes from the honesty and openess of the dark soul and heart that beats throughout every track. Sung, spoken, rapped, every one uses all the ranges available to CiteMe and is brilliantly conceived and produced. I hope its message and story is able to reach the masses and how we look, treat and view others around us.

For more about CiteMe, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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