FRESH: ‘Alive’ – Ashley Lauren

Ashley Lauren Captivates With ‘Alive’

Ashley Lauren is back with her latest hit, ‘Alive’. It is an empowering release which pierces at the heartstrings with Ashley delivering a groundbreaking performance from the very start.

Furthermore, it all kicks off with a backwards sounding synth sound which as a kind of accordion-style in the first few seconds. Ashley then leaps forward to the mic, and she gets underway with confidence which keeps us hooked. The overture then meets the verse impeccably, and Ashley gets even more profound with her vocals pushing forward.

Vocally, Ashley is a force with a tone which will have you gripping on for dear life. Also, she cleverly knows when to get bold in the mix. Furthermore, her smooth qualities glide through the airwaves in the opener before an almighty delivery in the chorus. Additionally, her message is powerful with her leaving us feeling, ‘Alive’. Also, she sings about a topic which I am sure many will find relatable given that there is always someone in our lives who brightens up our day.

As the track progresses, a myriad of new sounds leap out, and the excitement flows as the mix builds. Also, the power drips like a leaking tap with a finale which leaves an indent like no other. Overall, ‘Alive’ ticks all of my boxes. It has a pop quality which I relish, but it also delves into a unique space which makes for a refreshing listen from the get-go. However, I would enjoy a few more structural changes along the way as the mix does stay relatively generic for the most part.

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