FRESH: ‘Fight No More’ – Rafa

Rafa debuts with “Fight No More”

Australia artist Rafa has just released his debut single, “Fight No More”, which could very well be an anthem to make big waves all over the world! The trumpet that plays throughout only elevates this first offering from Rafa into a serious class of its own – I can already some cracking mixes of this tune for the Summer months! With strong vocals and an instantly catchy chorus for both feet and voice, this just excels on every level.

Rafa is a keen student of pop-maestro Max Martin and started his creative journey by producing House, without a foundation of theory or production techniques he has relied on his strong sense of curiosity in exploring how chord progressions create feeling, how groove compels movement and how sound pressure makes songs pop. The result of all this is “Fight No More”. Having been born in Australia to Dutch and Columbian parents, his worldly experience and influences show up so well in “Fight No More” as I hope they contonue to do so in future releases. Keep an eye on this guy!

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