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FRESH: ‘Conquer The World’ – Echo Kings

Echo Kings want to “Conquer The World”!

Boston, MA based band Echo Kings release their latest tune, “Conquer The World” and continue to ‘conquer the world’ with their brilliant, uplifting style of electro-pop. The song is their third release of 2020 from the band that originally formed in 2009 but has only recently seriously started putting out tracks. The group centres around Andy Wesby who enlists the help of Sean Cronin (guitars), Shon Gordon (bass guitar), Chris Enright (synths and bass), Marcos Valles (drums), Al Cleveland (drums) and Coran Henley (drums).

“Conquer the World” was recorded in Boston. The live drums were recorded at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio and the rest of the tune was recorded at Andy’s home studio. T
he song, like many, is written about Andy’s muse. In the style of “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears, the gang vocals and vintage sound aim to create a timeless feel. “Conquer the World” is a pleading message to the singer’s lover that life is better, and anything is possible, when together.

It is meant to be a personal message to that women but also a universally appealing song that is fun, yet convincing, filled with bouncy optimism. Like their previous work, “Conquer The World” has one foot in the past yet sounding very modern and current, using everything at their disposal to create a chanting chorus, which repeats its message through multi-layered synths and innocent, yet convincing vocals. Let’s hope the boys stick together now and come up with some more cracking tunes for us and hopefully an album is in the offering as well…?(!)

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