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FRESH: ‘My Lips, Your Lips’ – Caspian’s Island

Caspian’s Island sing “My Lips, Your Lips”

London band Caspian’s Island release their new single, “My Lips, Your Lips”, with a wicked bass and a ‘cosmic’ feel to it with very 60’s-fied instrumentation and almost robotic vocals, this is something very cool and classy. The song is about going to a house party and coming across someone you take an interest in, which, due to the intoxication, leads to the imagination wafting off into what it’d be like to date them. However, reality sees it another way…

Caspian’s Island formed in 2018 and released their debut single, “No One Else”, that same year. “My Lips, Your Lips” is their second track of 2020, the follow up to “Imperial Echo Vault”, the four-piece neo-psychedelic rock band continue to exhibit a tasteful and vibrant plethora of sounds. Dipping their toes into a familiar nostalgic vibe, with forward-thinking elements to modernise their unique sound and influences from Tame Impala, White Stripes, Temples and Wavves to name a few bands, you’d struggle to describe the music in one word.

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