FRESH: ‘So Cool’ – SHN

SHN is “So Cool”!

Malaysian born singer-songwriter returns today with her hot, brand new single, “So Cool”, the first taster of her upcoming second studio album, the follow up to 2019’s “SHN”. “So Cool” is an understated bop-beat pop-EDM track in down-tempo key and sung with gorgeous, lightly dusted vocals, it will stick in your head from the moment you hear it and you’ll want to know more about the young lady who made her debut in 2018 with “If You Don’t”.

After three years working on bilingual music, SHN repositions herself as a performer of the English music scene with “So Cool”, which is her very first official release as an independent artist after breaking away from her former record label. From sharing the stage with international artists at festivals like Urbanscapes in 2019 to hosting intimate concerts such as Fireside Sessions opened exclusively to her fans for her debut album launch, SHN has made her versatility clear in terms of performance and storytelling.

“So Cool” talks of the exploration of something new and exciting, whether it is an irresistible eye candy at the bar or the new era SHN is stepping into. SHN has several more singles in store before the album drops. Her musical influences include country/folk elements of which she picked up while sitting in the car with her dad. Later on, she explored jazz, funk, reggae, R&B, and in university, discovered her heart in pop music. SHN decided she would intertwine her love for storytelling with electronic elements, influenced by the likes of LANY, The 1975, Great Good Fine Ok, Ryn Weaver and many more.

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