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FRESH: ‘Pancakes’ – Sara Henya

Sara Henya likes “Pancakes”!

Philadelphia based singer Sara Henya releases her new single, the tasty sounding “Pancakes”, today, her second of 2020 and the follow up to “Circle”. Just as with the batter-based product itself, “Pancakes” is a sweet and tasty slice of folk-pop with a delicious offering of toppings from Sara herself as we are taken into her ‘edible’ fantasy as she reassures us that everything will be ok, if she can make you pancakes!

Sara made her debut in 2018 with her EP, “Small World Alchemy”, but after a long break, has returned this year with more ‘explicitly’ imaginative, fairy-like songs that allow her audience to interact with her other worldly character. Her melodic and complex artistry echoes the complex nature of her lived experiences with Tourette Syndrome, using music to transport into the enchanted sceneries detailed in her many tattoos.

Sara is also an accomplished harp player (she owns a full size Lyon and Healy Style 100 and a lighter, portable Lyon and Healy Ogden) as well as a singer and songwriter and has played at venues around the East Coast of America, where she has created a large and dedicated following, which is especially seen at science-fiction conventions like Balticon and Arisia, steming from her upbringing in the science-fiction and fantasy community, which has influenced her music greatly.

For more about Sara, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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