Lexi Lemonade

FRESH: ‘How Could I?’ – Lexi Lemonade

Lexi Lemonade asks “How Could I?”

Lexi Lemonade is a Multi-dimensional singer/songwriter based in New Jersey. Her latest single, “How Could I?” follows her debut release, “Drip”, released earlier in 2020. “How Could I?” is an almost accapella based sing with some finger clicking and an intermate beat halfways through that laces Lexi’s sweeping, crystal clear vocals, almost in a dub-step environment but conceived in elegant fashion and in sublime surroundings.

While enrolled in college, Lexi found inspiration out of a necessity to create and began producing demos out of her bedroom. This led to her finding passion in music and developing herself into the artist she is today. “How Could I?” was produced by A.King and Misa On The Keys. It was written by Lexi Lemonade, where later she recorded the track at MPowerRecords. The song was inspired by the reality of choosing self love first.

As Lexi describes: “Sometimes we get caught up in less than stellar situations inlife that force us to learn more about ourselves and how much we truly value ourselves. At times it is easy to put others first, andneglect ourself in the name of love. But can you really pour from an empty cup?” Take a sip from Lexi’s cup and get into “How Could I?”…

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