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FRESH: ‘Inside Out’ – The New Twentys

The New Twentys debut with “Inside Out”

Essex based trio The New Twentys – brothers Harry and Jimmy Morris along with Chris Bourne – have just released their very first single, “Inside Out”, a groovy and very catchy number with an instantly singable chorus and a simplistic soundtrack performed by the boys themselves, this brings back memories of British acts like The Smiths and The Pretenders in the early 1980’s while remaining very modern and contemporary in the now.

Having already been in a band, Chris met the two brothers and found they had the same outlook and vision for music. Chris tells us: “I didn’t think I had the energy to start another band. I thought Harry and Jimmy were rad guys and originally I just wanted to write for their thing. A few songs later I realised that I wasemotionally invested and couldn’t imagine myself out of it, missing out on the live shows – serious case of future FOMO”.

“Inside Out” is about missing the pain of heartache because it was the final connection between you and the person you used to love, and also the pain let you mope around feeling sorry for yourself so it’s hard to let that go. The New Twentys (named after this new decade, as well as their ages) are currently writing and recording their debut album, which already extends to ‘a number of songs laid down’ so expect something very soon from these three!

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