FRESH: ‘With Compliments’ – Ducks! and Maya Shenfeld

Ducks! sign off, “With Compliments”

German duo Ducks! have just released their superb 2-bit, electro-synth track, “With Compliments”, the group’s ‘comeback’ tune and first new material since last year’s album, “Things That Were Lost”. The song is quirky, kooky, retro, addictive, jazz, electro, pop, bop, top, you name it, it has many sides to its flat exterior! Ducks! (Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan) have teamed up with new and upcoming vocalist Maya Shenfeld for this new track.

When it came to creating a video for “With Compliments”, the trio contacted Reuben Sutherland, best known for his work with Röyksopp, and also for the mind-bending video for Ducks! own “Delivery”. “How big do you like your pixels?” he enquired. Ducks! and Maya said “Yes”, and soon enough, a euphoric collection of chunky 8-bit characters àla Junior Senior arrived in their inbox!

Lani and Craig have been co-producing electronic music for dancing and dreaming since 2014. They arrived with their debut single, “Homo Inferior”, in 2016 and soon delivered their first album, “Pinprick In”. Their 2017 album “Ding Ding Ding” followed soon after, while last year’s “Things That Were Lost” cemented their own individual placing in the retro-electro category. Maya Shenfeld is a Berlin-based composer, sound artist, and guitarist. Her works span from electroacoustic compositions, sound installations and ensemble pieces to performing as a classical, experimental and rock guitarist.

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