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FRESH: ‘Closer’ – Motel Midnight

Motel Midnight debut with “Closer”

Check in to Motel Midnight.

The New Zealand trio – Ben Stanley, Reuben Keeling and Bruce Ferguson – have just released their debut single, “Closer” and IT’S 80’s HEAVEN! Think Yazoo, early Mode and Erasure (yes, all Vince Clarke connected!) and that’s what “Closer” reminds you of. Heavy synths, electro vocals, rocking electric guitars and more synths are the staple ingredients of this superb, hyponic retro fest of all that was and is good about that decade, today, in 2020.

The band tell us that: “At a time when so many elements of life are pulling us apart – extremism, nationalism and a global pandemic – sometimes we ache to hold someone close. ‘Closer’ is a love song with a kinky twist, but it’s also a plea to bring us all closer together”.

Who’s that stranger you run to late at night? Why do your eyes always wander? What are your darkest desires?

Give into temptation…check in to Motel Midnight!

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