Elan George

FRESH: ‘Yes You Did’ – Elan George

Elan George says “Yes You Did”!

UK pop singer Elan George has just released his new, 80’s infused tune “Yes You Did”, which sounds a lot like the theme song from The Raccoons! With rolling electric guitar and synths as Elan delivers his feelings of meeting someone for a laugh but finding you actually have true feelings for them. “Yes You Did” was recorded at Steelworks Studios which has played home to some big names from the pop world such as Five, Sclub7 and Bille Piper.

Elan tells us: “I have always dabbled in songwriting but really began to take it serious after spending some time teaching dance to the youth of South Africa. Every kid want’s to dance to the latest popular music but so much of it is unsuitable due to explicit lyrics orviolent/sexual content. So I wanted to work on tracks that adults can vibe with but young people are positively influenced by”.

He adds: “After recording the track in an aid to promote it and drum up interest before the release date I decided to do a Vlog about it. With some behind the scenes and telling people all about the track and while it was meant to be serious, because I was working with friends, it was such a laugh and so funny at points we changed the motivation behind it and kept all that in”.

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