Rose Rose

FRESH: ‘Sugar Hill’ – Rose Rose

Rose Rose debut with “Sugar Hill”

French duo Rose Rose have released their debut single, “Sugar Hill”, something soothing and cooling with an atmosphere of 70’s soul and funk as well as a dose of disco, smooth and easy on the palate is the order of the day and if this is the path Rose Rose and taking, then it’s a welcome one. for antyone who wants to remember, it’s perfect as well as younger lovers of something less involved and tangy.

Rose Rose introduce a new chapter in the iconic French Touch movement initiated by Daft Punk with “Sugar Hill”, filling the room with airy synthesisers, funky guitars and utopian vocals. For these two young producers and self-taught musicians, Rose Rose represents the outcome of a two year long sonic research. From its beginning, this collaborative and independent project has been conceived between Paris and London. “Sugar Hill” is the first temptation from their upcoming debut album, which is already sounding very appealing…

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