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FRESH: ‘Rip It Off’ – Lucy Warr

Lucy Warr releases “Rip It Off”

UK singer Lucy Warr releases her new single, “Rip It Off”, today, her third of 2020 since her debut, “Energy”, earlier this year. “Rip It Off” combines sweet, talky vocals along with a power punching chorus of synth and electro pop noises in a stop-start fashion that will have you hooked with intrigue from the outset. Produced by London based producer Tokøta, “Rip It Off” will take you up down and sideways as it showcases Lucy’s growing talent and artistry to full capacity.

Born in Somerset and now based in London, Lucy made her debut with the powerful “Energy” which introduced her telling the story in speech and singing the chorus, very much in folk style, but leaning more towards electro-synth-pop. Lucy teamed up with Italian born singer Daniele Alan-Carter for the quaint “Saving Grace”, a duet of similar if not more down-tempo style and a must hear just for the epic choruses.

Lucy tells us of “Rip it Off”: “I have become more aware of my mental health over the past few years and that I seem to tip from one extreme of the emotional scale to the next, sometimes hour to hour. I can feel powerful, strong and fierce, ready to take on the world, to then feeling completely overwhelmed by the complexity of life and the world we live in, unable to feel the need or desire to even get out of bed. Lockdown and the pandemic has hit so many of us in different ways, and for me it has sometimes escalated this feeling of inadequacy, and imposter syndrome has been cropping up at every turn. I want to normalise what goes on inside our brains, to expose the stigma around mental health and what it means to be human. ‘Rip It Off’ is about releasing that mask, to stop pretending, and being okay with sometimes, not being okay!”.

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