FRESH: ‘Stranger Soul’ – Honey&Eve

Honey&Eve debut with “Stranger Soul”

German necomers Honey&Eve release their debut single, “Stranger Soul” today as they embark on their journey in music. Hannah and Alex deliver a haunting, dramatic epic of a song which could EASILY pass as a Bond theme (note to producers). The song is cavernous and brooding as Hannah’s vocals collide with Alex’s instrumentation that always teeters on something wide open and yet leaves you wanting more when it reaches the edge.

Alex met Hannah when he was scrolling through Instagram and saw Hannah modeling for a photographer who was a friend of a band he had just finished a production for. Out of curiosity he wrote Hannah and now, nine months later, they release “Stranger Soul”. The song was recorded at Sonic Boom Studios, Berlin where Hannah and Alex imprisoned themselves during the covid lockdown, writing and produced a total of six songs. “Stranger Soul” is about the ever green topic of having a “good” and a shadow side in oneself and encourages the listener to give oneside – we always hide, a little more space and visibility.

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