Sam Hinds

REVIEW: ‘Rolling Stone’ (EP) – Sam Hinds

Sam Hinds – “Rolling Stone” (EP)

Having played live for over six years, Leicester based singer and songwriter Sam Hinds releases his debut EP, “Rolling Stone”, today. It’s the culmination of all Sam has dreamed about and wished for and this is some body of work to kick start the young artist’s career. “Rolling Stone” is blue, country. soft rock, but one thing it is, is very easy to sink into and form an opinion that Sam is a talent that needs to be heard all the way to Nashville and back. The title track opens the EP and instantly you are drawn to Sam’s gritty yet openly honest voice. “Rolling Stone” is a cool, laid back, outdoors sort of tune and one you won’t be able to stop tapping your feet to.

Sam Hinds

Sam ramps up the rock with “Never Be The Same”, which begins calmly, before the force of Sam’s voice and guitars rock out the chorus in fine style. Sam brings it back to the ground with the beautiful “Wildflowers”, more outdoor music with Sam’s heartfelt vocals and a sumptuous soundtrack, this is a favourite along with “Rolling Stone” so far. Sam hopes to be famous, and we hope he is one day, so why not write and record a song called “Famous”! This is not self deprecating or big headed, oh no, “Famous” is about enjoying and appreciating what you have and nothing more. Who needs to be famous? Who needs material objects? Something perhaps we have all learned in 2020…

“Rolling Stone” sounds American, feels American, should be American, but it’s not. This is where Sam’s style and creativness convince you that this is a collection of songs from the likes of Chris Stapleton or John Mayer and it turns out not to be the case. “Rolling Stone” was recorded at Six00Four studio’s in Northampton. Ollie Needham was the engineer, producer and drummer on the record and Vincent Ross played bass and accompanied on backing vocals.

Sam Hinds

This is a very British production and also a personal one for Sam who says “I wanted to talk about some themes that were on my mind a lot and surrounding my life at the time I was writing. I tried to tie the songs together as best I could into a sort of road map of my recent experiences, and some lessons I’ve learned along the way. Because I’m still figuring it all out, life, love, friendship and everything in between. So i think this whole body of work is a documentation”. We wish you well Sam. “Rolling Stone” deserves to get you noticed.

For more about Sam, check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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