Chris Too Far

FRESH: ‘Mess Around’ – Chris Too Far

Chris Too Far debuts with “Mess Around”

24 year old Yorkshire based singer Chris Too Far (real name Chris Atkinson) has just released his debut single, “Mess Around”, having spent time in the US songwriting, the electro-pop-rock sound of this single and production has clearly rubbed off on Chris from his time across the Atlantic, where Chris worked with Grammy nominated producer Brandon Friesen. “Mess Around” is the first for four tracks written with Brandon already to launch Chris on the world stage.

“Mess Around” has one of those start-stop soundtracks with low-key verses and a power punching chorus demonstating Chris’ sweet boyish vocals that should attract a big teen fanbase! Each of the four tracks laid down tell a compelling story when put into chronological order. Chris says “Who doesn’t love time travel? We’re going to be playing around with it for the first four releases as the songs we have ready to go right now aren’t in chronological order, but we’ll then go back prequel style to the beginning”.


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