The Passing Sages

REVIEW: ‘Burnin’ Up’ (EP) – The Passing Sages

The Passing Sages – “Burnin’ Up” (EP)

The Passing Sages are a six-piece pop outfit from Fife, Scotland and today they release their debut EP, “Burnin’ Up”. The title track opens this five track ‘mini-album’ and instantly we learn of the bands soft rock, Fleetwood Mac style blended with traditional Scottish instrumentations that make for a very catchy and upbeat track that will have you “burning up right now” from the moment you press play. Before you’re allowed to catch a breath, the band launch into “Wonderful Person”, a very middle of the road tune that should please all around. This is a very radio friendly song and I hope this can be picked up on and played on Radio 2 on a Sunday morning…(!)

The tone comes down slightly with the next song, “Kindest Boy”, much more of a traditional folk style rock ballad with strong vocals from at least two or three of the band members as a crescendo of electric guitars rock out the middle-eight. There’s an element of funk about “Octave Higher” with its deep bass, this is very much a ‘show’ track as the music, the drama and the vocals move an octave higher with very minute of the smashing song. Officially there are only four songs on this EP, the fifth is an extended version of “Burnin’ Up” just in case you needed reminding of what a stonking tune this is!

The Passing Sages are Holly Clark, Carrie Forgan, Nic Holson, ‘Mr Clyne’, Sean Priestley and Daniel Keay and formed in 2017 although they only released their debut single, “(Your Love Makes Me) Happy”, in 2019. Since then the band have played festivals and gigs all over Scotland, raising their profile and building towards this first extended play, which will go down a treat with the 30+ generations. With all six members taking reference from their own individual music tastes and genres, there is something for everyone here but what does standout is the miriad of different musical styles and vocal harmonies possible to lift each song that much louder, stronger and bolder. This is where The Passing Sages make their entrance to a wider audience.

For more about The Passing Sages, check out their FACEBOOK page and follow them on TWITTER

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