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FRESH: ‘My Love’ – White Horses

White Horses release “My Love”

British band White Horses have just released their serene ballad “My Love”, the lead single from their latest album, “Sound Of Sea”, released recently. It’s the groups third since their debut, “Soul On Fire”, in 2015. “My Love” is a very easy listening ballad with a simple message and wonderful instrumentation, with guitars and a trumpet the sweep you up and place you somewhere quiet and restful.

White Horses tell us that: “The song was written during the Covid-19 Pandemic lock down, and is an observation song about a couple hoping for a brighter the future. Basically the other half is feeling a bit down due to the depressing outlook, and the singer is trying to cheer her up”. White Horses are James Deane, Mim Grey, John James Newman, Beccy Brennan, Stuart Harris, Damon Sawyer, Liam Tillyer, Matt Platt and Pauly Zarb with all music and lyrics written by Stuart, who also has a day job as a consultant race car designer!

James is the lead singer, whose restful vocals can be heard on “My Love”, and had toured with the likes of Sterophonics, Muse and The Verve to name a few big names, while singer Mim Grey has recorded two acclaimed solo albums, “Grey Matters” and “Chasing Tigers”. She has recorded and performed with Paul McCartney, Dave Stewart and none other than Miss Kylie Minogue!

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