Kinky Boots

TRIVIA: The Shortest Lasting Hit Single On The UK Top 40

The Orb have the longest lasting, so who holds the record for the shortest running song to make the UK top 40?

36 seconds!

YES 36 seconds! That’s all. The song is “The Ladies’ Bras” by Jonny Trunk and Wisbey, which reached No.27 in September 2007 and was available as a download only.

This record for shortest physical single is held by Nukleuz DJs. The title track of their 2003 “DJ Nation – Bootleg Edition” EP was a mix of each of the other six tracks on the EP (available on three separate CD/12″ singles) clocking in at just 1 minute 15 seconds seconds.

Other short chart hits include “Let’s Get Together” by actress Hayley Mills for the 1961 film ‘The Parent Trap’, which clocks in at 1 minute 25 seconds. It peaked at No.17 in the UK.

The Avengers’ Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman’s camp classic “Kinky Boots” was recorded in 1964 but never a hit until 1990 when it was played relentlessly on Radio 1. All 1 minute 37 seconds of it peaked at No.5 that December. Boots, boots!

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