Sheps debuts with “THNK ABT U”

Pop’s latest newcomer, Matthew Sheppard, is launching himself with a new career under the name of Sheps, and he has just released his debut single, “THNK ABT U”, a short but careful rhythmic tune in which he discusses redemption from an ephemeral and intense relationship. The song is co-written by Sheps and Billy Bligh and focuses on the sweet and profound feelings one has when you meet that special someone.

Sheps tells us: “I consider songwriting to bean incredibly cathartic experience. It allows me to expiate myself from my past mistakes and truly find closure. For me, ‘THNK ABT U’ is a sonic representation of a chapter in my life that I struggled to detach myself from”.

Sheps produced the song in his studio in East London, which builds to a soft guitar laden chorus with a sexy down-tempo beat and some atmospheric synths as he lays his heart on the line and confesses how he feels. This is a beautifully intimate song to debut and Sheps tells us that there are more to come in 2021. We cannot wait!

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