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FRESH: ‘Control’ – Conal Kelly

Conal Kelly is in “Control”

British singer/songwriter has just released his ever-so-cool second single, “Control”, the follow up to “In My Head”. This is Summertime in the Winter! “Control” is heavy with synth and percussion but sung in a very high, seductive tone by Conal as he opens himself wider to the music listening world. The song is simply dreamy and addictive as you sink deeper into the soundtrack. There is nothing harsh or cutting about this number.

Conal himself says: “The writing/recording of this song was the most I have ever consciously pushed myself out of my comfort zone…it can sometimes be easy to find yourself a little boxed in when you’re writing and recording/mixing every part of a track, but this was my most determined attempt to breakaway from the habits I’d formed. The whole thing took a couple of months to complete, but the finished track is something I’m really proud of and can hopefully show some diversity in my songwriting! The vocal part really drives the song in my opinion. this is also the first time an outro has been my favourite aspect of a song I’ve written, I love that ending vocal hook”.

Conal made his debut as the frontman of the band Watercolours, who were supported by local and national radio stations, before embarking on his own solo career. That began earlier this yeae with the EP “The 24 Hours Covers Project” including his own interpretations of well known hits like “Blinding Lights” (The Weeknd) and “Toxic” (Britney Spears), all in the same, cool, openly atmospheric style of “Control”, before launching his first original work with “In My Head”, introducing his gorgeous vocals as well as a slice of electric guitar over the smooth dream-pop backing track. Watch out for Conal in the future, I think this young man is gonna be big!

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