FRESH: ‘Sun Fights The Moon’ – GEA

GEA releases “Sun Fights the Moon”

Finnish singer GEA launches her brand new single, “Sun Fights The Moon”, today with her usual, striking vocal approach and powerful electro production – think Enya meets Ofra Haza. “Sun Fights The Moon” celebrates Nordic darkness, the seasonal battle between day and night. It was written during lunar and solar eclipses, and released in between the ones happening right now. The timing of it is also connected to the approaching winter solstice, when the sun begins to gradually win again.

GEA made her debut in 2016 with “Wind” and has released a string of ethereal and humanistic song on a regular basis ever since. Her 2020 releases include “Brightness Of Stars” and “Predefined”. GEA toured three continents in 2019 having earned a Hollywood International Golden Film’s Award for Best Editing for her first self-produced music video in 2017. Her music has also been featured on Netflix. “Sun Fights the Moon” will feature on her forthcoming album, “Call For A Snake”.

GEA describes the collection as “A stirring and soothing album that invites the listener on a spiritual adventure”. The album follow on from her previous releases, “Butterflies” in 2017 and the EP “Snow” in 2018. I looks already to be her most accomplished work yet with the quality of songs like “Sun Fights the Moon” and the gloriously atmospheric “Brightness Of Stars”, which sounds tribal and rural, a million miles from the commercial world of GEA’s music and digital releases.

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