FRESH: ‘Ghosting (Me)’ – Sully

Sully returns with “Ghosting (Me)”

Australian singer, who we introduced to you recently with her debut single, “I Should Know Better”, is back with her follow up, the heavily synth laden “Ghosting (Me)”, which is out today! The song is fabulously retro and very current at the same time, with fuzzy synths and sounding VERY Robyn in style, vocal and production. “Ghosting (Me)” is another slice of her debut EP that’s coming in 2021 and it’s already shaping up to sound totally awesome.

“Ghosting (Me)” heightens the sweet pop foundation of “I Should Know Better”, with Sully’s vocals oozing through the laser beam synths and infectious core-hitting beats, courtesy of Entente Music. Keeping in line with “I Should Know Better”, “Ghosting (Me)” lyrically delves into the heart hazards of being in a relationship. As those who have dived into the online dating world can attest, getting ‘ghosted’ is not uncommon. Sully unpacks this in regards to an unhealthy, toxic relationship where she was played hot and cold.

Sully says of her ‘voyage’: “I’ve written for so many different projects over the years – from blues/rock to folk and everything inbetween. But I keep coming back to pop music. At the end of the day, I’ve known forever that I’m completely addicted to the complex simplicities of the pop writing process. Now, I get to throw myself head-first into that love”. The accompanying antimated music video is set in Tokyo will be out early December. Keep watch with us!

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