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FRESH: ‘Sorry’ – Rofi James

Rofi James say “Sorry”

Irish band Rofi James have just released their latest track, “Sorry”, the follow up to “Every Time I Make You Hate Me”. “Sorry” is a storming, anthemic, rock/pop number with an addictive ‘drama’ surrounding each verse before the chorus explodes in your face with power-passionate vocals from lead singer Rónán Ó Flaithearta. Think The Killers meets The Weeknd and you’re almost there! There is nothing to dislike about this song and it’s about time this band came out of the shadows to a wider audience.

“Sorry” was written by Ó Flaithearta together with bandmates Jamie Murray and Joseph Flaherty, and was mixed and produced by Dave Skelton. The song focuses on the anxiety and mental health struggles experienced during the Covid19 pandemic, and subsequently overcoming the isolation and general uncertainty experienced after becoming unemployed overnight due to the live music industry shutting down.

Rofi James formed in 2012 and released their debut single, “Fool For Your Love”, in 2016. Although they have yet to release an full album, a number of singles have flowed since then as well as the EP “Helium” in 2018. The band have played lived and opened for acts like Picture This, Wild Youth and The Riptide Movement. The band recently finished headlining the Galway 2020 capital of culture Fire Festival Tour, spanning seven nights and performing to approximately 15,000 people.

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