FRESH: ‘How Long?’ – Pochenski

Pochenski debut with “How Long?”

Manchester band Pochenski have just released their debut single, “How Long?”, an indie Brit pop/rock number that reminds you of The Stone Roses when they first started out. Daniel Pye (guitar/vocals) Kieran Joyce (bass/guitar/vocals) amd George Coleman (drums) formed the band in 2019 and have already laid down a number of tracks set for release in 2021 with “How Long?” introducing us all to their sound and their journey.

“How Long?” was recorded at their homes in Manchester and London with final mixing and mastering completed by longtime friend of the band Joe Murphy of One Bit Productions in Finsbury Park. It certainly has that late 80’s-early 90’s feel to it and very definitely has the Manchester sound to it also. “How Long?” is about the human condition. It deals in flashes of childhood memories and the feeling of an unquenchable thirst which can never be fully satisfied with worldly pleasures.

The band say “It’s a song of lost hope inspired by the poem ‘The Dark Night of The Soul’ by St John of the Cross. To realise we are never in control becomes the most control we have, to find the power in surrendering to something beyond ourselves. It was a long year of writing back and forth, emailing endless demos and the first time we have recorded everything ourselves unaided. Collecting all the necessary equipment and creating a way we can cost effectively churn out high quality music from the comfort of our homes”.

We wish them well…

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