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FRESH: ‘The Dance’ – Well-Known Pix

Well-Known Pix start “The Dance”

German quartet Well-Known Pix have just released their second new single of 2020, the superb “The Dance”, and the follow up to “BRBC”, their first new work for two years. “The Dance” is an indie-pop to get you up ‘dancing’ but in a low key way as their guitars sweep you into a frenzy of good feeling and hope. Well-Known Pix are: Matthias Stezycki, Jan Müller, Lars Hammerschmidt and Klemens Krys.

The band tell us of the song: “We´d like to wrap up this difficult year with a smooth love song about a person who longs for his/her counterpart even though he/she knows it´s all a pipedream. But as long as he/she can “feel this way” once in a while, maybe it’s fine just as it is”.

Well-Known Pix formed in 2009 but didn’t release their self-titled debut album until 2016, the same year as they released a follow up, “Spectrogrammar”. An EP, “Americano”, followed in 2017 and since then the boys have released a handful of one-off singles. Based in Dresden, Well-Known Pix cite The Beatles, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines among their influences. And you can hear them all if you listen to “The Dance” carefully…!

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