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FRESH: ‘Focus’ – Daimy Lotus

Daimy Lotus loses “Focus”

Dutch singer Daimy Lotus releases her powerful new single, “Focus”, her third of 2020 and the follow up to “Ok That It’s Not Ok?” and “Are You With Me?”. “Focus” is a down-tempo pop ballad with sincere lyrics and vocals set against a moody, slow beat with a very personal and intimate human emotion.

Daimy explains: ‘Focus’ is about depression and how it can creep up to you without noticing. In particular this song is about me coming to realise I’m in the grip of depression, resulting in feeling over shadowed by a darkness that takes away both my energy and joy in doing things, even the things I love to do, which leaves a metaphorical hole in me. I try to tell myself that I’m doing fine, but I’m not. While being in the grip of depression I also acknowledge that I will overcome it, and that I’m making progress. Though to truly embody this progress, I need to take my time. The message of the song is that you shouldn’t deny you could or are suffering from mental health issue(s). Face your demons and allow yourself to take as much time as you need to heal. Your mental health matters!”.

Daimy made her debut in 2015 with the appropriately titled “15” and has released a number of tracks since then, mosyl as guest vocalist on tunes like Bacon Tree’s 2019 song “Show Me” and Suyano’s “Colors”. Now firmly her own songwriter and performer, Daimy halready has a number of songs lined up for 2021 and hopefully an album too in the not too distant future…

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