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FRESH: ‘Humble’ – One Cure For Man

One Cure For Man sings “Humble”

“Humble” is the new single from UK artist James Parkinson who goes by the name of One Cure For Man. It’s his second of 2020, the follow up to “The Haunted” and the continuation of a musical journey that stated for james back in 2013 with the release of his debut album, “Serenade The Damned”. “Humble” is a soft-rock/Country pop song with rocking guitars and James’ superb multi-toned vocals layering each element of the soundtrack and once again telling a very human story as James is more than able to offer.

James told us recently about the song: “‘Humble’ is about moving on after death whilst remembering and learning from the past. The song explores the confusion of living life and progressing whilst dealing with an overwhelming sense of melancholy and loss. I wrote the lyrics whilst painting my study last year. I had been playing lots of my record collection and thinking about the way decorating and changing things feels like fresh starts but also presents a sense of melancholy and bringing up the past. My dad unfortunately died very suddenly at age 67 in 2017 and I bought my parents old house which they lived in for 25 years, as I did until I was 19. Losing a parent young has undoubtedly made me aware of my own mortality to an almost heightened sense. It can feel very strange and confusing at times owning something that once belonged to a parent, particularly when they are gone”.

He continues: “It also got me thinking about all those lives that have lived in one house. I have dedicated the video to my Grandad Bob who was a Japanese prisoner of war between 1941 and 1945. He was a very kind and humble man which is incredible to think he survived such harrowing and horrific conditions and also forgave the people who brought him so much pain. My four year old son, who mostly features in the video, explores many of thew places I spent my childhood. One of the locations, Ghyll Church, is where both my dad and his parents are buried. I think it’s a very beautiful thing when you mix the innocent with the humbling experience of walking through a graveyard of all those lives lost. Musically the song was written around the strong guitar and bass hook and mostly takes its cues from the likes of R.E.M, Bruce Springsteen, The Smiths and more recent artists like War on Drugs and Ryan Adams”.

As One Cure For Man, James has released four studio albums, his most recent being “This Enternal Life” in 2019. His music has been played on local BBC radio stations in the North West and has even been picked out by New order for his cover of their 1983 song, “Age Of Consent”. “Humble” is the second of a number of tracks James has laid down for release in 2021.

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