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FRESH: ‘Old Ghosts’ – Black Sands

Black Sands has “Old Ghosts”

It’s been quite a year for Andrew Balfour, the Dutch composer who goes by the name of Black Sands. he made his debut with “The Hardest Pill To Swallow” at the enginning of the year and has just released his sixth, “Old Ghosts”, a fast moving synth-driven, electro pop track that does not hang around long enough to outstay its welcome! The song features vocals of Nashville based singer Trenton, another Stateside born artist like Andrew himself.

Named after the natural phenomenon where lava meets water and shatters into sand, Black Sands invites contrasting perspectives to collide, creating a new sound that’s fresh yet familiar. A former touring artist in alternative rock bands, Andrew blends his dark rock beats with modern pop and rock instrumentation alongside R&B vocals inspired by The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and Post Malone.

“Old Ghosts” is a darker tune to his previous releases and focuses on the struggle to cope with the recent death of his sister, Andrew wrote “Old Ghosts”, paying respect to his sister and her struggles with drug addiction as a way to try and navigate through the complex emotions that inevitably come with losing someone so close to you.

As Andrew himself says: “How can you move on and celebrate someone’s life if you can’t find the courage and confidence to move on? Using your past as a building block to face your fears or pain you’ve faced can be powerful and courageous, but before you can do that you need to face the ghosts of your past and acknowledge they’re always a part of who you are”.

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