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FRESH: ‘I Don’t Think You Know’ – The Cat Magic

The Cat Magic say “I Don’t Think You Know”!

UK band The Cat Magic have just released their latest tune of 2020, “I Don’t Think You Know”, a groovy, dream-pop/alt-rock anthem to while away those dark nights and look forward to better and brighter times. It’s the Bristol based band’s follow up to “Dovetail Me” and their other issue of 2020, “Just The Way” and was recorded at Humm Studios and Sion Hill, before the first UK lockdown.

The band say: “I Don’t Think You Know” is based on the idea of annihilation and reincarnation into nature. Set across jazzy chords and clanging guitars it’s melodic but dissonant. The lyrics “turn like a leaf left out in the summer sewn on your sleeve” and “I know what I do gunna take what’s mine for you” embodies a connection between a soul occupying nature, still being drawn to their loved one on earth”. The Cat Magic formed 2018 and released their debut single, “Colouriser”, the following year.

The impetus behind the group comes from two childhood friends, Laurence Matone and Alexei Hnatiw and a hard drive full of demos that Laurence had written over the years. The pair later recruited Alexei’s brother, Stefan and work could start turning a bedroom project into a fully functional, multi instrumentalist driven, live outfit. Hugo Bishop (drums, percussion, samples) and Adam Coates (synthesiser) joined the group in mid 2020 further expanding the band’s sonic possibilities. Look out for more awesome songs from this lot in 2021 and, hopefully, some well missed live turns!

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