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Braw offer “A Glimpse Of Christmas”

Yes, it’s Christmas! So they all wheel out their ‘seasonal’ offerings. UK brothers Iain and Andrew Mundy have been recording as Braw for just over a year and after three previous releases this year, they offer up their…’jolly’, comical first crimbo single, “A Glimpse Of Christmas” to end a busy year. This is a song that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither do the boys themselves, so wrap some tinsel around your neck, pour a LARGE sherry and dance about the lounge like you really just do not care!

Iain and Andrew tell us: “A Glimpse Of Christmas” was written for one of the most unusual and difficult festive seasons of our lifetimes, to give everyone a wee bit of fun in this testing time. It reminds us that while we may not be able to have the jam-packed family-filled Christmas we’ve come to expect, it’ll make the little things we can do all the more joyful. For the music video, we continued the theme from our last single Whisky in Hand, using clips of friends and family having a laugh while doing festive things. It shows that, even when things around us are a bit serious, we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously”.

As a bonus B-Side, the brothers have also recorded their own version of “O Holy Night”, featuring their dad, John, on guitar and Irena Klimach on oboe!

Braw made their debut with “Swing Door” last year and their single, “Whisky In Hand”, reached No.65 on the Scottish singles chart earlier this year! All five of their tracks will feature on their debut album that’s coming in 2021 as well as some live performances, which the brothers do like to make, offering everything from Simon and Garfunkel to Biffy Clyro as well as their ever growing collection of self composed numbers. With any luck and a full album of material to pick from, they won’t need ‘trouble’ us with “Bridge Over Troubled Water” when they do! Happy Christmas you two from us all here at

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