FRESH: ‘All For It’ – Masok

Masok are “All For It”!

Israeli quartet Masok have just released their third and final single of 2020, “All For It”, the follow up to “Overuse” and their debut, “Zombies”. “All For It”, swirls and twirls with glorious synths and funky pop beats and heightened vocals to lift you up and just go with the music. “All For It” is a much more accomplished tune and is set apart from their two previous tracks by the sheer overwhelming retro tone of its soundtrack.

The band tell us: “A long while of binge watching GOT turned into this song. It’s funny though, because now it means so much more, we tend to let our egos run our lives instead of being satisfied with what we got”.

Masok are a four-piece future soul band based in Tel Aviv, comprising of Jenny Penkin, Nomok, Tal Kohavi and Omri Shani. The four released their debut album titled “The Bigger The Risk” on Raw Tapes Records across digital platforms and on vinyl. Taking the front, Jenny Penkin is a singer/songwriter, whose range goes between R&B, Soul and Hip Hop and her warm voice and smooth phrases bring a fresh color to the table.

Accompanying her, Nomok, in charge of production and keys, influenced by jazz harmonies, synthesized sounds and Stevie Wonder. Tal Kohavi’s slick grooves, tight drums and crispy percussion contribute to the rawness of Masok’s music. Completing the puzzle, Omri Shani, who’s more inspired by the indie rock scene, brings unique aesthetics andalaid back mentality to his bass lines.

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