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FRESH: ‘You Are Loved On Christmas’ – Cosmic Sleepovers

Cosmic Sleepovers release “You Are Loved On Christmas”

Iowa based musician Mason Wang made his debut earlier this year under the moniker of Cosmic Sleepovers and he’s been pretty busy since releasing his debut single, “This Road”. He’s put out 11 other songs this year alone – that’s one every month! – and now he offers a traditional Christmas ode for us all with “You Are Loved On Christmas”.

The song is a light, uplifting Christmas pop song, about memories of heartbreak and how the holiday season makes it forgotten – “It does not matter, the year is ending, and it’s too hard for Christmas and New Year’s to be sad”, Mason tells us. The song progresses through different scenes of Christmas, from church bells ringing in the cloudy morning, to avenue lights singing in the evening, to something special brimming at night.

Throughout these places, the song’s message is that Christmas magic was there all along, and through all of it, you were loved! Regrets of the past are overshadowed by anticipation at the turn of each year. Mason’s style is characterised by dry sounds, and virtual and midi instruments, which evoke a unique sense of nostalgia. The goal of his songs are to create a strong theme and emotional relevancy. We hope you are loved too at Christmas, Mason!

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