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FRESH: ‘Roots And Dreams Vol.2’ – Dusty Leigh

Dusty Leigh releases the second part of her “Roots And Dreams” journey

US country singer Dusty Leigh has just released the second volume of her “Roots And Dreams” musical journey that began earlier this year with volume one. The two track release, featuring the songs “Behind The Whiskey” and “Alone Another Night”, is a perfectly-timed release, laced with cozy home-studio vibes and intimate vocals, narratively rich and audaciously alluring.

“Behind The Whiskey” is a power Country ballad, an elegiac ode to a doomed relationship nearly ruined, in which Dusty gives her all and with a great electric guitar middle-eight, this song decribes how Dusty still loves her man, even behind the demon drink that rules his life. “Alone Another Night” is a gorgeous guitar acoustic number that begs you to take a step back and ask the hard questions that surround the burden of our regrets and the time we’ve wasted on them.

Dusty’s voice is so easy to listen to here and essentially dreamy to ‘fall into’. Dusty says: “Volume two is a string of songs that feel like battle scars, but channels thick-skinned energies into a work of great texture and imagination during isolation”. I would recommend, however, listening to volume one before taking Dusty’s journey further. Quite an accomplishment for someone who only debuted last year with the duet, “Like You Were Forbidden”. Yeehaa!

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