Sugar Jam

FRESH: ‘Lift Me Up’ – Sugar Jam

Sugar Jam debut with “Lift Me Up”

Norwegian EDM duo Sugar Jam have just released their debut single, “Lift Me Up”, and it sure does that! Morten Olsen and Thomas Berg have come together to make music and they kick off in fine style with this ‘uplifting’ club anthem with a wicked bass and beat to get you moving and grooving. “Lift Me Up” is about ‘everything that is uplifting’ in life. And we all sure need some of that in all our lives right now!

Sugar Jam was born on a rainy night when a group of musicians gathered for a jam. The session was decent until some random chords turned into the track “Stole The Show”. In an instant, the atmosphere turned electric. Two of the participants rushed to studio in an attempt to capture the vibe from that night. They were Morten and Thomas and developed the track into “Lift Me Up”. Yeah!

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