Christmas number one 1990

CHARTS: UK Top 40 Singles Chart 23rd December 1990

Thirty years ago: UK Top 40 Singles Chart for Sunday 23rd December 1990

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So this was the chart that Radio 1 DJ Mark Goodier broadcast from 5-7pm with data from the GALLUP computer based on record sales from Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd December 1990.

This is how the charts USED to look with new entries, climbers and non-movers, all based solely on record purchases.
This week, thirty years ago, there was one new entry, one re-entry, sixteen climbers and one non-mover! And it was announced like this…

40. Dream Warriors – “My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style”
Six weeks on and the Dream Warriors fall six places with their highest charting UK single so far.

39. Innocence – “A Matter of Fact”
And with so few new entry’s this week, many songs are just taking small tumbles, Innocence are one of them, down just one place.

38. Orchestra On The Half Shell – “Turtle Rhapsody”
Two weeks ago the film composers of the Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle film left us with this entry from the soundtrack, but come back two weeks on for a re-entry and higher than they charted last time around!

37. The Sisters Of Mercy – “Doctor Jeep”
The Sisters Of Mercy were one of last week’s new entry’s with the second single from their latest album, which goes up two places this week.

36. The Proclaimers – “King Of The Road”
Craig and Charlie fall one place with their version of “King Of The Road”, their first top 40 entry for more than two years.

35. Blackbox – “Fantasy”
Still one of two acts with two songs on the chart are Blackbox. Their first and their cover of Earth Wind and Fire’s “Fantasy” is down two places in its ninth week.

34. Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne – “Geordie Boys”
This week’s highest new entry sees the return of Paul Gascoigne after his top two hit “Fog On The Tyne”. This time he’s back on his own with his own ‘rap’ song!

33. Rod Stewart and Tina Turner – “It Takes Two”
Rod and Tina go one place lower than last week with their former top five hit version of this old classic.

32. George Michael – “Freedom (90)”
Sadly for George Michael, his last two singles have failed to make the top twenty with his own composition “Freedom” taking a fall of four places this week.

31. Julee Cruise – “Falling”
While someone else ‘falling’ with “Falling” is Julee Cruise, down one for her, with the theme from the TV series Twin Peaks.

30. Betty Boo – “24 Hours”
Betty Boo is down one as well in her fifth week on the chart with the third single from her debut album, “Boomania”.

29. C&C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams – “Gonna Make You Sweat”
C&C Music Factory (producers Clivilles and Cole) are up two this week and into the UK top thirty with their massive US dance and club chart hit.

28. Dimples D – “Sucker DJ”
While Dimples D goes down seven places with the Ben Liebrand remix of her 1983 single, which has given her. her very first UK chart hit.

27. Kim Appleby – “Don’t Worry”
Kim Appleby leaves the top twenty for the first time with her debut solo single this week, which is down ten places.

26. Patsy Cline – “Crazy”
Meanwhile Patsy Cline is UP ten places with her 1961 recording which makes its first appearance on the UK chart some 29 years after its original release!

25. The Carpenters – “Merry Christmas Darling”
The Carpenters are up one place with a track from their 1970 seasonal collection that charts here for the first, just 20 years later for this one.

24. Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman – “Kinky Boots”
The Avengers John Steed and Cathy Gale are out of the top twenty this week with their one and a half minute ode to all types of boots, which is down eight places.

23. INXS – “Disappear”
Falling two places are INXS with the second single to come from the “X” album and just missing the top twenty where its predecessor peaked.

22. Whitney Houston – “All The Man That I Need”
Whitney’s second single from her latest album made an entry last week and is up five places, seven days on.

21. Yazoo – “Situation ’90”
The remix of Vince and Alison’s 1983 US dance chart hit is down three places and out of the upper half of the chart this week.

20. New Kids On The Block – “This Ones For The Children”
New Kids On The Block are down seven places this week with their latest UK top ten hit…even if it was just for one week only!

19. Shakin’ Stevens – “The Best Christmas Of Them All”
Shakey won’t get a Christmas number one this year but he’s up five places and into the top twenty for the second time this year.

18. Blackbox – “Total Mix”
Blackbox’s second song on the chart is also down this week, their ‘total’ mix falls three places.

17. Twenty4Seven and Captain Hollywood – “Are You Dreaming?”
Going up one place are Twenty4Seven and Captain Hollywood, having been a non mover for the last two weeks with their second chart hit of the year.

16. Status Quo – “The Anniversary Waltz part two”
And also going up are The Quo with part two of their 25th anniversary celebrations, which is four places higher than last week.

15. Seal – “Crazy”
Adamski’s former front vocalist on “Killer” is back in the top twenty with his first solo single as he climbs eight places this week.

14. Malandra Burrows – “Just This Side Of Love”
But not such good news for Emmerdale Farm actress Malandra Burrows, who was hoping for a top ten hit this week, but goes the other way, falling three places.

13. Jive Bunny – “The Crazy Party Mixes”
The last time Jive Bunny was the highest climber was with ‘his’ first single back in June 1989. ‘He’s’ done it again although this time it’s only twelve places and not the enormous twenty eight that his debut single went up!

12. The Righteous Brothers – “Unchained Melody”
Bill and Bobby had two top ten hits last week, but they do no more as their former number one is down two places and out. Will they bag the Christmas number one with the other one though…?

11. Chris Isaak – “Wicked Game”
Chris Isaak spent one week in the top ten with his debut UK chart hit and promptly left it last week, but he’s rebounded as he goes back up the chart by one place with his song from the film ‘Wild At Heart’.

10. EMF – “Unbelievable”
EMF are down three places but remain top ten for a seventh week with their debut single.

9. MC Hammer – “Pray”
While The MC, MC Hammer is up one more place this week with his third UK top ten hit of this year.

8. Snap – “Mary Had A Little Boy”
Snap go nowhere with their fourth chart hit of this year and putting themselves out of the running for the number one slot.

7. Madonna – “Justify My Love”
Madonna falls four places with the second new song from her “Immaculate Collection” greatest hits, which remains at number one for a sixth week!

6. The Farm – “All Together Now”
The Farm drop just one place with their biggest hit to date with the promise of a new album in the new year.

5. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John – “Grease Megamix”
Last week’s highest climber from the stars of ‘Grease’ is up nine places, taking all of these songs back into the top five again since their original release in 1978.

4. Enigma – “Sadeness part one”
And last week’s highest climber from Enigma aka producer Michael Cretu and his wife, 80’s chart star Sandra, goes up two more places and into the top five for the very first time.

3. The Righteous Brothers – “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”
Bill and Bobby’s only remaining top ten hit is up one place this week and fails to make the top spot for Christmas, but it’s edging closer…


So, there are just two records left. Who is at number two?…


2. Vanilla Ice – “Ice Ice Baby”
After four weeks on top, Robert ‘Vanilla Ice‘ Winkle is off and down one place with his first UK single release, having topped both charts on both sides of the Atlantic.


That means the song that is this year’s Christmas number one is…


1. Cliff Richard – “Saviour’s Day”
He’s done it! For the second time in two years, Cliff Richard claims the UK’s Christmas number one as he swaps places with the Ice man and bags his THIRTEENTH UK chart topper! But can he stay there for a second week, or with Christmas gone, will Vanilla Ice come back, The Righteous Brothers return to the top spot or perhaps Enigma or the Grease film cast push him down? There’s only one way to find out…

Make sure you come back in seven days time for next weeks chart!

Happy Christmas!

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