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FRESH: ‘Closure’ – Anni Pohto

Anni Pohto wants “Closure”

Finnish singer Anni Pohto has just released he new single, “Closure”, the second track from her forthcoming album, “The Rising”, the follow up to “Deep”. The song is an often haunting, piano/guitar pop number that represents Anni’s first new music since 2017’s “Walls And Bridges” and after a long break, Anni has restocked with new material and is aching for it to be heard!

“Closure” tells a story about guilt and how you seem to be unable to let go of your past mistakes. The song was recorded using an old 80’s analog keyboard and then chopping it on a computer to make it sound like it’s stuck on an endless loop without ever resolving. The new album is based on a concept of emotional vibrations: each song represents one frequency. The songs are not just to feel the emotions, they’re also to heal them.

Anni says of the project: “I’m interested in our inner darkness. We all have misbehaved or done something wrong at some point in our lives. Nevertheless, we bemoan and over-dramatize other people’s faultiness, while we stash our own mistakes away. It’s insane”. “The Rising” is due in early 2021 with the sombre “Closure” and the trippy “Deep” already revealing the strength and depth of Anni’s return and her new vision.

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