LISTEN: 'George & Andrew' - The Boy Least Likely To

LISTEN: ‘George & Andrew’ – The Boy Least Likely To

It Was Just Two Friends Called George & Andrew…

Wham! were one of the biggest pop acts of the Eighties and sang one of the most popular Christmas songs ever – “Last Christmas”. 

My Christmas wish every year used to be that they would reform but of course that can never happen now.

I’m not the only one that wished it had happened.

The Boy Least Likely To would also have loved it to become reality.

Well, perhaps they would have wanted this more than me as they even wrote a song about it.

It makes me sad and happy at the same time when I listen to this now. It’s also pretty difficult for them too…

Boy Least Likely To

This song is taken from their album “The Christmas Special” which is pretty much on loop in my house every December and is a brilliant alternative to the songs we get fed up of hearing.

What about you? What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Let us know what you think...

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