Lexi Cline

REVIEW: ‘Martini’s In The Clouds’ – Lexi Cline

Lexi Cline – “Martini’s In The Clouds”

LA based singer Lexi Cline made her debut this year and has been very busy with multiple tracks released, seven in fact, including her latest, “Martini’s In The Clouds”, a perfect slice of understated pop with low key vocals and a wicked stop-start guitar based backing track. Lexi herself says of her music “I want to make music that inspires people to be exactly who they are. Embracing yourself is the most powerful thing in the world, and if I can help somebody get there, I know I’m doing something right”.

“Martini’s In The Clouds” is an ‘in-flight’ track as the cabin crew get you seated and settled for this ride along with Lexi as the pace picks up with the superb “Thin Ice” with Lexi’s sickly sweet vocals lacing this R&B-pop groove. Earlier this year, Lexi released an EP of all her tracks, “Better Late Than Never”, from which the title track is next, yet more glorious synth-pop with its uplifting chorus and happy, Summery feel-good factor, this is pure escapist pop! “Erase You” carries on this theme, if only more down-tempo but it shimmers and yet again, Lexi’s vocals are just so effervescent and dreamy.

We all like cake, don’t we?! Lexi does too, so much so that she wrote a song about it! But her “Cake” is about the cake that we all want and to eat too. That’s her message to her boy, he wants his cake and wants to eat it too with this harder hitting R&B anthem in which Lexi spells it out plain and clear! The R&B sounds continues with “Choose” as Lexi considers why is it so hard to choose? There’s an awesome sax middle-eight and ending to this songs that it both sexy and sublime. Lexi concludes her 2020 ‘anthology’ with a stripped back, acoustic version of “Erase You”, which presents the song in a more delicate form and allows Lexi’s voice to be heard that much more clearer.

Lexi’s set of songs from her debut year in music are all tinged with an element of Country, R&B and pop but very definitely they are all very listenable and deserve wider appreciation. I look forward to more from lexi in 2021 and hopefully more will to as she has already taken a big leap forward with her latest single, “Martini’s In The Clouds”, and its predecessors. Highlights for me of Lexi2020 are “Better Late Than Never” and “Thin Ice” but make sure you play this collection in full before choosing your favourite(s)…!

For more about Lexi, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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