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FRESH: ‘She Likes To Get High’ – Cry Baby

Cry Baby release “She Likes To Get High”

US band Cry Baby open 2021 with their brand new, 90’s sounding single, “She Likes To Get High”. This is 90’s retro pop at its very coolest and finest. It could be 25 years old, but it’s not. A joyful pop bop with a ‘digging’ vibe and rhythm which tackles the complex relationship between love and insecurity. While the subject matter describes the battle of trying to hold together amidst waves of anxiety/insecurity, its paired with happy, groove heavy music to dance away your fears.

Jamie, Joey, Carter, Matt and Josh formed Cry Baby in 2018 and released their debut single, “Energy”, soon after. The boys had a busy 2019 and made a return last last eyar with the single “1991”. “She Likes To Get High” is its follow up and in a 1991 boy band style. The song was written and recorded in Joey’s bedroom studio. Starting with inspiration from touring, the music was pieced together over months from an original chorus. With help from friend/tour mate Avery Whitehall ripping an epic guitar solo, as well as Matt dusting off his old trumpet skills.

The band tells us that “She Likes To Get High” came to be on a tour stop in Raleigh, NC reflecting on a fresh long distance relationship. The insecurity that comes with wondering what your partner is doing while you yourself are bouncing around from show to show in crowded bars. Turns out they are usually just at home, smoking weed and hanging out, apparently! Cry Baby say they take boy bands and slow jams seriously, remembering groups like Destiny’s Child, NSYNC* and TLC, and they can all be heard in this stonking new track.

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