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FRESH: ‘Wanna Be’ – Kristen Plati

Kristen Plati releases “Wanna Be”

Australian born, NYC based singer Kristen Plati kicks off 2021 with her new single, “Wanna Be”, the follow up to “Stone”. The song is an R&B-pop anthem that deals with finding your strength in a toxic relationship and gaining the strength to be able to walk away when its what’s best for you. Kristen gives it her all vocally as she lays down her cards and states her position more than clearly! This is emotional pop at its very finest.

“Wanna Be” was written at a time of uncertainty and self-doubt, this highly personal and thoughtful song explores the repetitive nature of a toxic relationship, and knowing when you need to leave. The song was written by Kristen Plati, produced by Jevares Myrick and recorded in NYC at Lounge Studios with Mike Kuz and represents her first new music since her debut album, “Fine Me Lost”, was released in 2019.

Born and raised in Perth, Kristen started singing lessons at just five-years-old. She was immediately hooked and took to the stage soon after that: whether in a chorus or solo, She sang at shows, concerts and competitions around Perth, gaining local acclaim and experience in the industry. She also studied various musical instruments, including piano. After graduating high school, Kristen attended the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), where she earned an Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Voice and a Certificate II in Musical Theatre. Unsure of what area within music she most wanted to pursue, Kristen moved to New York City to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she earned her Associates Degree in Acting.

Kristen fell in love with the gritty grind of New York, but still found herself unsure of her genre or voice. On one particularly challenging day, she set up a small keyboard in her tiny New York City apartment and began pouring her heart out, spending hours lost in melody and lyrics. After exploring everything from musical theatre to R&B and pop, Kristen began to discover her unique sound, which seamlessly translates across various genres and stylings. Since then, Kristen has continued to develop her songwriting skills and perform across the city.

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