FRESH: ‘If I Like You’ – DeVries

DeVries says “If I Like You”

Indie pop artist DeVries enters 2021 with her brand new single, “If I Like You”. After a busy 2020 with five releases, DeVries doesn’t stop for air as this pumping new single is so effortlesslty simplistic with very little instrumentation and programming, the song bops and pops in a forthcoming year that will see no fewer than SIX tracks released!

DeVries says of the first of those releases: “This is a new era for me – I write music to encourage other people to speak their truth and develop healthy ways to get through the REAL heartache life can create. I am hoping my music can give members of the LGBTQ community the courage to tell their truth and create their stories. 2020 was a hell of a year – there is so much coming from me in 2021. Better buckle up”.

“If I Like You” was recorded in Nashville TN by DeVries and producer Josh Ronen and deals with the realisation that you are addicted to toxic relationships and the fight to avoid them. It is a journey through the emotions of knowing you are attracted to things that hurt you.

DeVries debuted in 2019 with “Sorry ‘Bout That” and after “Know Better” that same year, proceeded to brighten the airways with fearsome tunes like “Make The Boy Cry” and “Idea Of You”, while stepping to the other side of music with the epic, down-tempo numbers, “White Knuckle” and “He Loves The Way I Miss Him”.

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