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FRESH: ‘Domestic Wars’ – Nathan Mac feat. Emily Hazel

Nathan Mac teams up with Emily Hazel for “Domestic Wars”

Irish producer and artist Nathan Mac releases his new single today, “Domestic Wars”, and it’s got a twist to it…Emily Hazel, his co-singer, is his sister! The song is his fourth and final release of 2020, a year which saw him debut with “Better Off Without You”, and now sees him really keep things at home with Emily in upbeat mood as they discuss the empty frustration that is left after a terrible argument…between bro and sis, we assume?!

“Domestic Wars” ​is yet another explosion of colour and sound from Nathan and his co-producer,​ Brian Dwyer​. And with Emily joining in for her side of things, Nathan won’t have it all his own way! He tells us: “I love my sister to bits. She’s one of the most talented singers I know, and I knew instantly that I wouldn’t have enough ‘​attitude’​ to pull this song off alone. Now it’s become a fan favourite, and I’m 100% sure that she’s the reason”.

One year and four singles in, the ​‘start of something blue’​ is starting to find its shape and style. With a new single to be released every two months throughout 2021, Nathan has a lot to contend with as an independent artist. And with quality songs like “Domestic Wars” and the preceeding “The Boy Who Learned To Fly” (check it out), Nathan has an assured future, with growing exposure and more superb tunes to come, we are certainly keeping our eye on him!

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