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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Ones YOU Miss The Most – 2020

Where Are They Now? – The Top Ten!

In our ever expanding and phenomenally popular series “Where Are They Now?”, we here at talkaboutpopmusic.com take a trip down memory lane and seek to find the stars and the one hit wonders of the past and ‘attempt’ to find out what they are all up to these days. But who do you miss the most? Who are the singers and bands that we’ve featured so far that fans are searching out the most?

This is our top ten most viewed and most popular features of 2020, found through internet search engines and our own website. How many do you remember and how many do you wish would return to the recording studio? Equally, how many are you glad that they have never burdened us all again?! So here they are, in reverse order (just to build up shock and surprise!).

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10. Shampoo (6)


Jacqui and Caroline are also still very much sought after, down four places, but clocking up their third year on the top ten of the most missed and most wanted retro acts…but certainly not in ‘trouble’ any longer!

9. Five Star (9)

Five Star

Still much sought after and missed, and remaining the same as last year, Mark Keen‘s Five Star odyssey stays top ten with many thousands of hits this year alone! Their music really is as ‘strong as steel’!

8. Jade (NE)

Jade 1993

There are a lot of newcomers to this year’s list and it starts with US trio, Jade. They burst onto the scene in 1993 with hits like “Don’t Walk Away” and “One Woman” and after a few years, parted ways. But what are each of them up to now…?

7. The Shamen (10)

The Shamen

One of last year’s new entry’s was from UK duo The Shamen, who still ‘own’ one of the most controversial hits of all time. Interest is ‘comin’ on strong’ as they climb three places this year both ascending and moving any mountain in their way!

6. The London Boys (NE)


For a short while in 1989, Dennis and Eden notched up a hattrick of chart hits around Europe with their hectic dance actions and catchy songs. Sadly, they were both taken from us far too soon but their music lives on and with this new entry, interest remains in them 31 years on. Now that’s what I call a “Requiem”.

5. The Jets (NE)

The Jets 1985

There’s another new entry from the 80’s family Wolfgramm, who really did have a “Crush On You” back in 1986 and it seems we still have a crush on them nearly 35 years on!

4. Fuzzbox (NE)


The new entry’s keep coming as 80’s female band We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It! are up next. 1989 was their big year with hits like “International Rescue” and “Pink Sunshine”, but do you know what they’ve been up to since? We do…!

3. Big Fun (NE)

Big Fun

From the girls of ’89 to the lads of ’89, Stock Aitken Waterman produced trio Big Fun blamed it on the sunshine as well as the moonlight that Summer, we blame it on the boogie. Sadly, one of them could only blame himself in the end. Why? Find out what went wrong…

3. Jimmy Somerville (2)

Jimmy Somerville

Last year’s highest new entry from former Bronski Beat, Communard and solo act Jimmy Somerville climbs one place this year as interest in his music career and what he’s doing now remains as solid as his chart positions were over thirty years ago.

1. The Reynolds Girls (2)

Reynolds Girls 1989

Whether you love them or hate them, they’re back! They were number one two years ago and dropped off the top last year, but for whatever reason, Linda and Aisling Reynolds are still the most missed (or maybe the most loathed) music act of yesteryear as people still wanna ‘jack’, 31 years after they came, charted and went, just like that.


But it doesn’t end there. We’ve greatly expanded this section in 2020 with a new feature every week and we are always constantly seeking out those elusive artists of yesteryear, celebrating their career and asking just ‘where are they now?’. Is there anyone we haven’t yet covered that you would like to see featured? Let us know…!

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