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FRESH: ‘Enough Is Enough’ – Abi Mia

Abi Mia says “Enough Is Enough”


British singer Abi Mia releases her brand new single, “Enough Is Enough”, today, her first release of 2021 and the follow up to last year’s “This Life” and “Fly Your Way”.

The song is performed with passion and grit, with soft verses and power, guitar based choruses with Abi’s confident and assured vocal, which could be compared to a rising British Kelly Clarkson!

Abi says: “It is an anthem to get people out of their own way, to stand up for what is right even if it doesn’t directly effect them. I was inspired to write the song ‘Enough Is Enough’ when I noticed many injustices going on in the world, and I had seen situations myself that just didn’t seem right. The song is about how we need to get out of our way and stand up for what is right and proper even if the situation does not directly involve or affect us. We need to be active, not passive to change the world for the better”.

When it comes to Abi Mia’s background, music and singing have been part of her life since shewas of school age and has always been a much-loved hobby. Abi now wants to pursue her music professionally, writing and performing songs that can inspire, uplift, empower and bring people together.

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