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FRESH: ‘Within’ – Judy Cheeks

Judy Cheeks…as you’ve never heard her before!

Country, Soul, Gospel

Our dearest friend (and it feels so good to be able to say that), the legendary Ms. Judy Cheeks, has taken us by surprise, as today she releases a brand new track, and it’s a side of Judy you won’t of heard before!

With so much history and musical achievements to her name, Judy steps right out of the box to blend Country rhythms, Soul harmonies and Gospel chords in her beautiful new song, “Within”.

After 45 years, you could say Judy Cheeks has done it all. But I promise you, you won’t of heard anything like “Within” from Judy before. This is mellow, thoughtful and every so slightly infectious, as Judy kicks up her heals, pops a great big cowboy hat on her head and allows the softer side of her voice to envelop your listening lobes and with good reason too.

With “Within”, Judy, along with long-time musical collaborator and best friend Sean O’Shea, offers a very personal message to all of us in these trying times. A message of hope and comfort and, as she sings, “Don’t live your life for another…just find a bit of courage and live it from within”.

Judy has certainly been busy in recent years with her three albums, “Danger Zone” (2018), “A Deeper Love” (2019) and “Love Dancin’” (2020), all of them truly amazing and a must hear, if you haven’t already! Judy certainly writes and sings from ‘within’ and this new song is just an unashamed joy. Bless you Judy.

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